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Support for multiple branches and regions

  • Multiple feedback options:
    • Survey with many question styles
    • Out of Stock
    • Compliments
    • Complaints
    • Suggestions
  • Questions and feedback options are customisable based on your needs
  • Brand the portal to look like your own
  • Compatible with all modern handsets and web browsers:

Point of Sale Options

Cardboard popups

Bill folder stickers

Window stickers

Till slip


Instant, actionable feedback

Reports keep you focused

  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports help you identify trends
  • Promote healthy competition between staff members
  • Detailed feedback lets you know what your customers think

Our CRM portal helps you keep it real

  • Your CRM portal allows you to manage customer feedback from start to finish, quickly and effectively
  • Easily track interaction between customers and management
  • Generate trend reports based on data provided by customers